Farmers Digital Solutions February 2023 Spring Special Issue

Farmers Digital Solutions 1-866-668-5565 • February 2023 Spring Special Edition 6 February 2nd,” Ground Hog Day” 1 st Groundhog Day celebration took place in 1886 and was hosted by a group of elders known as the Groundhog club as they consider their namesake a delicacy in addition to a natural meteorologist with that being said that year, they served up ground hog those who had eaten it said it was a cross between chicken and pork! Also Ground Hod day falls on February 2nd for a reason, it’s what’s known as a” cross- quarter” day meaning it falls midpoint between one season and another. Cross between the winter solstice and spring equinox, making it the ideal time to consider whether or not spring will come early. To hear Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers tell it, Phil is pristine in his weather prediction records that reeects 100 % accuracy. But in reality, his track record isn’t really all that great. According to Stormfax, Phil delivered a correct forecast of approximately 39% since he rst tried his hand in meteorology in 1887. February 11th, “President’s Day”- “Washington Birthday” Was established in 1832 to celebrate George Washington’s centennial, the annual holiday, which now falls on the third Monday of February, then later on it evolved into Abraham Lincoln birthday as well, eventually turned into a day to mark the birthday and lives of all American presidents. In 1879 congress passed a bill changing Washington birthday from February 11 th 1731 to February 22, 1732- why? Because of the modern calendar anything that took place before 1752 which was the year Britain, and all of its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar. February 12th, “Abraham Lincoln Birthday” Lincoln was the only president to have a patent, he invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground. He never belonged to any organized church although he read the bible daily. He didn’t have a middle name, He established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. He disliked being called Abe, he preferred Lincoln. Although he was 6’4 he really was a wrestler it has been documented. February 14th , “Valentine’s Day” Pope Gelasius 1 technically invented Valentine’s Day in AD 496 when he established The Feast of Saint Valentine, in memory of the martyred saint who died on that day 200 years before, over time Valentine was associated with love. February 22nd, “Ash Wednesday” Apart from Christmas and Easter, Ash Wednesday is one of the most attended Masses of the year for the Catholic Church. Meaning is”Day of the Ashes “the origin of this day isn’t clear, but it’s thought that the practice of making the head with ashes in the shape of a cross originated during Gregory the Great’s papacy. A sole reminder of human mortality. It marks the religious day of Lent. Remember that you’re dust and dust, you shall return. So happy Busy February, lots to celebrate! Until we talk again! Fun Facts about February Kelly’s Corner