Farmers Digital Solutions February 2023 Spring Special Issue

3 Farmers Digital Solutions 1-866-668-5565 • February 2023 Spring Special Edition Wilger Inc. [USA] 1 (877) 968-7695 Wilger Industries Ltd. [Canada] 1 (833) 242-4121 For More Info, VISIT OR CALL US @ Plan for Perfect Applications in 2022! FINER SPRAY HEAVY DUTY DRIFT REDUCTION 5 Series of nozzles for a sliding scale of droplet size. COMBO-JET® Spray Tips TIP WIZARD Harness the Power of Tip Wizard ! COARSER SPRAY FREE APP DOWNLOAD! Also available @ Input your application into the Tip Wizard app, and let it do the rest. You’ll be left with your best tip options, with some of the best information you could ask for to make the final call. ER Series COMBO-JET SR Series COMBO-JET MR Series COMBO-JET DR Series COMBO-JET UR Series COMBO-JET patented Pick the spray tip that provides the most value for your farm. Designed for use with PWM Systems Solid-mass droplet drift reduction EFM & FLOW VIEW™ Ball Flow Indicators Never plant in the dark again... Apply fertilizer with confidence! Visual Ball Flow Indicators Desired Flow Based on Application Ball Suspended Lower Indicates Blockage Simple Operation Critical Feedback. Electronic Flow Monitoring System patented NEW with Wilger’s new Row-by-Row Flowmeter Perfect for Dark Liquids, Precision Applications & Planting in the Dark Monitor up to 3 products row-by-row for ANY size of equipment. Custom Alarm Thresholds Customizeable Screen Layout Monitor 0.04-1.53 us gpm 9735 MO State Highway 76. Exeter, MO 65647 (417) 835-3000