Farmers Digital Solutions August 2023 State Fair Editionugust2023

73 Farmers Digital Solutions 1-866-668-5565 • August 2023 Fair Edition 5 Save-The-Day Items Everyone Needs In Their Bag At The State Fair 1. Sunscreen Nothing is worse than being sunburnt and tired from the sunlight, so we put sunscreen at the top of our list. 2. Sun Hat Another way to protect yourself from the sun at the fair this year is by wearing a hat 3. Personal Fan If being overheated at the state fair is a worry of yours, this mini fan can help alleviate those worries 4. Refi 4. Re llable Water Bottle llable Water Bottle The portable mini fan will help you from getting overheated, but one of the best ways to avoid this is to start by staying hydrated. 5. Hand Sanitizer Our final item to be well prepared for the state fair, believe it or not, is hand sanitizer. Over the last few years, hand sanitizer has been a staple of going out anywhere. There’s no exception for the fair; after touching all of the different rides and before you eat that third corndog, sanitizing your hands is a must. Article Fromt : Author: ALLY WEPLER