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Farmers Digital Solutions 1-866-668-5565 • August 2023 Fair Edition 42 WIND ENERGY TODAY: AN UNBELIEVABLE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY As electrical costs continue to spiral higher, investments in alternatives become increasingly attractive. Bergey Windpower’s latest turbine, the Excel 15, is the result of decades of research, and its innovative design combined with the latest in technological advances make it undoubtedly the most reliable wind turbine ever developed. Bergey, based in Norman, Oklahoma, was founded by Karl Bergey, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, and his son Mike, current President of the Distributed Wind Energy Association, back in 1977. Since then, the company has shipped over 10,000 wind turbines to all 50 states and over 120 countries. The Excel 10 introduced in 1983, was acknowledged as the ‘gold standard’ of small wind turbines and backed by nearly 3,000 turbines. About 6 years ago, Bergey Windpower, supported by funding from the Department of Energy, began development of the Excel 15, which built upon the proven success of the Excel 10. The 15 incorporates the latest developments in power electronics, direct-drive alternator design and carbon fiber blade technology to deliver a system with a 50-year design life and NO scheduled maintenance other than a bi-annual inspection. In the Midwest, the Excel 15 is able to take advantage of an excellent wind resource and deliver monthly electrical savings of $400- $700 for its owners. Recent legislation has essentially doubled the government incentives for Wind Energy and allows the return-on-investment in many cases to be less than 12 months. These incentives include a 50% Federal Investment Tax Credit and a 50% USDA REAP Grant. In addition, the turbine can be depreciated under Section 179 allowing for up to $90,000 in first year tax savings for its owner. It is time to shake off that old way of thinking and join the growing number of smart business owners who have discovered the commercial wind energy benefits for business. Businesses of all sizes capitalize on investing in Wind Energy’s financial opportunities, proving that a wind-powered energy structure is a critical strategic decision that virtually guarantees a solid financial return on your investment. WHY WIND? WHAT DOES “OWN YOUR POWER” MEAN? The answer is easy: You want to “own your power” for the same reason you want to own your own home. When you own your own home, your monthly mortgage payment goes towards building a long-term asset that increases in value over time. But when you rent a house that monthly rent payment is gone forever – you never get it back! The same is true when you pay your monthly electric bill to the electric utility company – that money is gone forever. With wind, however, you replace all or most of your electric bill with wind – an investment asset that immediately increases the value of your business and continues to pay above market returns for decades into the future. (See our Real Case Example) American Windpower, Bergey’s largest dealer and one of the largest small wind systems dealers in North America, has developed a 100-foot ‘tilt-up’ tower that allows the system to be installed without a crane and also incorporates the use of power installed helical anchors which help to reduce installation costs. The company currently has over 60 Excel 15’s being installed throughout the Midwest in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa Missouri and Colorado. WHO WE ARE We are the Nation’s Largest Dealer for Bergey Windpower, the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Small Wind Power Systems for Businesses. Bergey was founded in 1977 and has shipped over 10,000 turbines to over 120 Countries and all 50 States. We installed our first Bergey in 1983 and since then have installed hundreds of systems throughout the United States. Our team brings performance certainty with detailed execution and professionalism to all of our wind power development opportunities. CONTACT US TODAY to obtain your personalized Wind Investment Benefit Analysis. OUR CUSTOMER: FTS Enterprises, Inc. 15-22.6 kW - Juniata, Nebraska • Annual Electrical Savings: 1st/Yr. – $5,471 • 10th/Yr – $6,538; 20th/Yr – $7,970 • Free Cash Flow of $703,545 Over 40 Years • 1st Year Return on Investment – 121.7% • Return on Investment 5 Yrs – 315% • Tax Benefits in Excess of 80% • Payback Period – 6 Months REAL CASE EXAMPLE Toll-Free Phone: 833.GO4.WIND (464-9463) Email: Send Us a Text for Information: 620.205.1080 Web: Toll Free Phone: 833.GO4.WIND (464-9463) Send us a Text for Information: 620.233.9990 Email: Web: