Farmers Digital November 2022 Ag Machinery Digital Issue

3 Farmers Digital Solutions 1-866-668-5565 • November 2022 Ag Machinery Issue Makes the loading and unloading of a trailer very easy for one person. UP TO 350 BALES IN 1 HOUR HAY BALE GRAPPLE HAS BUILT AND PATENTED A ONE OF A KIND PIECE OF EQUIPMENT THAT CAN SAVE YOU HOURS OF WORK AND HOURS OF MAN POWER one person can rake, bale, accumulate, load, and store a 5 – 7-acre tract in one days’ time. TWOTYPES 10 BALES 12 BALES OR SMALL BALE HAY ACCUMULATOR 56″ 1 Arm Lite Duty Brush Grapple : Weight 325 lbs 72″ – 2 Arm Extreme Duty Brush Grapple : Weight 590 lbs 72″ Extreme Duty Brush Grapple : Weight 725 lbs 1973 Asbury Rd. Albertville, AL 35951 256-660-1116 | 256-302-3456 UNIVERSAL SKID STEER MOUNTS BRUSH GRAPPLE Call Us Toll-Free: 833.GO4.WIND (833-464-9463) Email Us: - Pay yourself instead of the local Power Company! - 1st Yr Tax Savings o f over $80,000 - USDA REAP Cash Payment of $40,000 - Tax-Free electricity savings +$6,000/yr - Pays for itself in Less Than 6 months! - Net-Metering may provide retail credit for excess - Developed with support from the U.S. Dept. of Energy: It is the World's Most Technologically Advanced Wind Turbine - Only 2 moving parts; NO scheduled maintenance - 50 year design life; Lifetime service contract - Exclusive self-supporting 'tilt-up' tower, NO crane - Potential lifetime energy savings of $500,000 - Lifetime cost of energy is less than 1 cent/kWh - Able to install on 'Brownie' Grain Leg Towers - Power multiple Electric Vehicles for FREE - +10,000 manufactured in Norman, OK since 1977 -"Made in America for America's Independence” "Turn on the Energy of the Wind To Power Your Business"