January 19 Farming Today for flip

A Cowman’s Best Friend at Calving Time! - Bruce Chrestiansen, IA - “The calf catcher is very easy to use and provides lots of safety…could not imagine calving without it!” Craig Oceanak, WY - “Our catcher is AWESOME! It is a tool that I would not be without.” John Zimmerman, KS - “I really like my calf catcher. It paid for itself the first time out as needed to catch calf with pneumonia, and it worked great. I recommend it to anyone with a cow-calf operation.” Fits ATV’s and UTV’s! ONE PERSON can SAFELY and EASILY process calves without concern of the protective mother cow! Easy and Safe Catching! Safe Processing! Safe Release! Now available with digital scale! Watch action video at SafetyZoneCalfCatchers.com For local dealers or to order, call 877-505-0914 today! DEALER INQUIRY INVITED