Our New Home

Hello,” All” We are excited to tell everybody that we have purchased our new permanent place, we are to call Home. Yep, we moved into the new brick and mortar on October 1st, 2017, the building is over 5000 square feet of pure power house. Folks’ I need to tell you, our new office even has street appeal. We are the real deal. We are located on one of the busiest street, in Fort Dodge, to get anywhere one will have to pass by it. I would like to tell you about all our staff and personnel, and all the exciting stuff that we have planned for 2018! You can rest assured that with the 190 plus years of combination expectance that Farming Today will give you the most bang for your buck. We are planning, in 2018 to be at 120 shows and events, bonus buys, give away, huge discounts in all our publication book runs. For the ones that don’t know we have a Contracting Today book Along with a Truck and Tractor and we are going strong in all of them.
So, about our staff, most of the Co-op world knows Deb Freese. She has 40 years in sales 15 being a reliable sales executive for those of you that are Co-op program companies, she is super knowledgeable IN helping you get in the right place, size, and area. She is married to her husband Larry who is a 30-year veteran of being a police officer, they have 5 children, with spouses, and 6 grandchildren.
Peggy Garcia, she is one of our display sales executive, she will do your homework, she is super creative give her idea and she’ll bring it home for you, she has 15 years of sales experience. She is very patient and is such a team player. She will listen to you in what you want, then she’ll go to work for you in big ways. She lives in Stanhope, Iowa with her 7 children.

Sarah Forbes, is our office sales support. She has 10 years of office experience. When you call with a problem, she most likely will correct it before you hang up the phone. She lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa with her 3 sons.
Bryan Opande is our exclusive IT & Production personnel. He is creative and very tech savvy. He can build your ad from scratch or revitalize the old. He has creative art qualities. He has 10 years working for businesses, and he has 10 more from his own experience. He lives in Fort Dodge with his wife Heather and their 3 children.
Kelly’s Korner, that would be me folks, I have been writing and telling stories for a very long time, I worked for the Fort Dodge School System for 15 years, I have been married to my husband Dean this past September for 36 years. We have 1 grown son and a 13-year-old son. My husband family are still farmers in the Calhoun County area his grandpa farm is 100 years old.
Jim Brummel is with our distribution personnel, along with several other of his crew of drivers. He has historical experience! “60 plus years.” He works out the kinks, studies the area, talks to company owners getting a feedback before he sets up an account displaying our books. He and the many helping drivers travel 1400 miles a month, adding up more for your advertising dollars. He and the other drivers work in all kinds of Iowa weather, they are getting you our customers, seen. We get daily calls wanting to be placed on our mailing list. He and his wife Martha live in the Des Moines, Iowa area.
Finally, I would like for you to know our newest girl. Leslie Mikesell. Leslie also is our Co-op specialist. She comes with 14 years of experience , she knows her co-op programs to get your advertising dollars’ worth. She lives in Fort Dodge, she has two daughters, two grandsons. We would like to welcome her to Today Publications, wish her years of success.
I would like to tell you something about our awesome printing service company. They are a family run business, literally it’s a ma and pa business. Everyone in the family holds a position there. So, these guys really care because they are with each and everyone one of you. They know to get a customer and to keep a customer you must care about the product you are kicking out. That company is a local company. They are Printing Serve, Inc also known as P.S.I. They are phenomenal. You can rest assured your ad copy will come off press looking like a million dollars.

Here at Today Publications our, Motto is: “Your Success Is Our Success”
That is something we live by! we want to help you, by giving every day our 110% to make sure that you are in a spot in our runs that are going to get you more customers, therefore we want you to call and tell us if its helping or not. And, if we must do more, we will on our web site you can up load any free videos that you would like to run on our web page, or if you need help we can do it for you. We will banner advertise your company free of charge with a paid ad spot. We have been known to buy one get one, and if your companies are struggling, we will help with that. We have helped some companies gain some leverage back due to these uncontrolled weathers we have experienced no matter where you are, with everyone that has had more than they would have liked. When most of us depend on mother nature she just hasn’t cooperated this year, wouldn’t you agree? So please call us. We want to help we believe in paying it forward. Last, here are some of the pictures of our new home of: Today Publications LLC.
Thank you everyone that had believed in us for the last 20 months. We want you to know that we are here for always. We wish you all to be a big success and let us help you do just that. Have Everything and More…. until next time……