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We are proud to now offer a line of Continuous Fence Panels for all livestock, big or small.

Iron Ranch Mfg. was established in 2012 in Watertown, SD, and has developed a line of products which allow customers to work smarter, not harder. I have engineered my products so a single person can set them up faster, easier, and more safely. This is important because most cattlemen would agree they don’t have time to waste during calving season, especially during the cold winter months. I’ve taken my experience growing up on a cattle farm, my education in welding and manufacturing engineering, and the concern of local cattlemen to design and manufacture products meant for ease of use. I proudly engineer every product I sell. I spent the first 24 years of my life on a grain and livestock operation where I was the youngest of two boys, which meant I did all the odd jobs; opening the gates, filling the water tanks, spreading the straw, checking calves, etc. During calving season, it was my job to crawl in the shelters to check the calves and spread the straw around. As spring came around, this job got worse as I had to crawl on my hands and knees through the mud and manure to make sure the calves were staying healthy. As a kid, I didn’t question this process, because that’s what everyone did; we all had a similar design of shelters. While working on the farm and at a local manufacturing business, I grew a passion for designing and building things that made everyday life easier. I left the farm to attend college in 2004 and as time passed, I watched the chores get increasingly difficult for my dad as he aged. He really is my main inspiration. He talked to me a lot about using my skills and education to find a way to make cattle products more user-friendly. With his help and suggestions, we identified several problems with the shelters on the market at the time: they were hard to get into, hard to bed, often too dark, difficult to move, and didn’t have good ventilation. I went to work designing a shelter to fix these concerns.
In 2015, I started my calf shelter design which includes a walk-thru door, swinging gate, lifting bar, air vents, and sky lights. When I was designing this shelter, there didn’t appear to be another product on the market that had these elements. In early 2017, I started advertising my new design and sold my first production shelter in February 2017. I spent time researching design options, even contacting several veterinarians and a local collegiate animal science department to discuss the difference in front entry vs. end entry for calves. Based on my research, my current design, which is patented, includes:

• A front entry design that allows airflow to distribute more evenly inside the shelter, which keeps a more even temperature throughout.
• A walk-thru door provides easy access to check or treat calves, and spread straw.
• The drop-down gate will close for catching calves, or keeping them out during nice weather.
• The lifting bar makes it easy to pick up and relocate with a bucket from either side.
• The shelter is ventilated at both ends to allow air flow which helps keep it dry, helping to prevent bacteria from growing. The vents can be closed during winter storms to help prevent snow from blowing inside.
• Skylights help light up the shelter to keep it warm and dry. These skylights are custom ordered 24′ long and thicker than standard skylights.
• In 2022, I added a window to the door which can be opened to allow maximum air flow to help keep moisture out come spring time.

These shelters are being delivered to South Dakota’s neighboring states. To legally transport them, I’ve designed them 8.5′ wide and in 12′, 24′, or 32′ lengths, all which will fit on a gooseneck or semi-trailer. I have also designed custom sized shelters based on the customer’s needs, including one for a goat operation, and another as a chicken coop. My main goal in this business is to provide a quality product that will last for years to come. I value the opinion of my customers, and have even designed new products based on their feedback. I plan to build a legacy of products that fill a need and deliver excellence. For more information, please follow us on Facebook or visit my website at

(605) 520-0021 46293 US Hwy 212 • Watertown, SD 57201 |

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Meet the Maine Teenager
Turned Landscaper Thanks to Grazing Goats

A love of both animals and cheese inspired the Grazy Goat Girls. By Bridget Shirvell

Photography by @grazygoatgirls

Anna Zlotkowski has found an unusual–but fitting–afterschool job. Along with finishing her last two years of high school and playing on the basketball team, the 17-year-old has a deep passion for animals. So, rather than walk dogs or volunteer at the SPCA, she’s started her own landscaping business—using rescued goats. 

Zlotkowski, who lives on Isleboro Island, off of Maine’s midcoast, spent her summer helping her mom Kimberly and sister Gaby sell oysters at the local farmers market. It was there that they  met another vendor selling homemade goat cheese. A quick taste and the family became obsessed with the cheese.

“I was like, ‘Mom, let’s get some goats so we can have some goat cheese,’” says Zlotkowski.  Understandably, her mom wasn’t entirely sold on the idea, but it happened that Kimberly was looking to clear some land. Zlotkowski saw her opening.

Goats eat a lot of vegetation that other livestock won’t touch, including invasive plants such as multiflora rose, sumac, barberry and more. They’re also able to access brushy areas that are inaccessible to some larger equipment, and they naturally fertilize while they work.  Zlotkowski dove into the research on goats, looking at everything from how to trim goat hooves to the vitamins and supplements they would need. She pitched the idea to her mother: Why not get some goats to clear the land, and they would also benefit from their milk and cheese? Kimberly got on board, and Grazy Goat Girls was born. 

Peaches the goat. Photography by @GrazyGoatGirls

Over the fall, Zlotkowski acquired five goats, and she has been getting the animals acclimated to their new environment. She has let the goats clear some of her mom’s land, inspecting their progress and timing, to help her handle inquiries from people throughout the region about clearing their properties in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

“We’ve had quite a few people email us and text us on Instagram wondering if [the goats] could come clear and when. Even people on other islands ask about having them come over,” says Zlotkowski.

While she builds up the landscaping business, Zlotkowski is also hoping to make goat cheese, her initial motivation for the project. Of the five goats now in their herd, they suspect one—they’ve named her Karen—is already pregnant. Zlotkowski hopes the upcoming pregnancy test reveals a positive result. “Karen would give birth at the end of January, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to milk her and try to make cheese.”

Even though there are only five goats, they’re a lot of work. Each day, depending on the weather, Zlotkowski will put the goats out in their pen, give them fresh water and hay and check to make sure they’re all happily adjusting. Two of the goats are still babies and need to be bottle-fed. The others need vitamins and other supplements, along with hoof trims and other grooming.

With two years left of high school, Zlotkowski is growing her burgeoning business slowly, balancing the goats with seeing her friends and attending basketball practice. She wants to see how big she can make Grazy Goat Girls before leaving for college. When she’s not there, Zlotkowski will have to find someone to care for her goats, before she can come back. “After college, I’m hoping I can come back and start a farm,” says Zlotkowski.

Although Zlotkowski has embraced her new herd, her mom has been slower to adjust to the goats. “When we first got them, she was like ‘these aren’t my goats, I don’t like them,’ but now she loves bottle feeding the babies and just loves them, but still doesn’t admit it,” says Zlotkowski.

Maybe her mom will even take over as caretaker when Zlotkowski is away at school. Until then, she’s happy to lead her herd through fields and pastures, keeping an eye on her goat-cheese-filled future. 



Take control of your heating cost with a waste oil fired heater package from Lanair, the originator of the waste oil fired heater. Our heaters not only eliminate the cost to haul used oil off-site, but they can reduce or eliminate your heating bills too. In addition, burn­ing waste oil is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste oil.

With Lanair, you get a quick return on your invest­ment using easy self-installation, factory direct pric­ing, free lifetime phone support, and no costly dispos­al fees of your used oil and fluids. Transform your used synthetic oil, crankcase oil up to 90 wt ( conventional or synthetic), used automatic transmission fluid, and #1 and #2 fuel oil (diesel) into heat!

With non-ductable and ductable options, a heating package can be built that’s right for your property.

Our XT Waste Oil Heaters come with free lifetime phone technical support. For any reason you may need support with service questions or just need parts, call 1-800-562-5504. Lanair’s service tech team will help diagnosis your heater’s issue and get you back up and running in no time. Some of the new improvements made to the XT mod­els are: easy to remove burner, a noncontinuous spark transformer, an hour meter, and a prime switch. Us­ing a full line of options, the XT Series can heat your space up to 1,700 sq. ft., with the XT75, to up to 10,000 sq. ft. with the XT300.

All of these features make it easy for those who compare … buy Lanair!

XT75 Waste Oil Heater

Designed for fitting in corners with­out cutting any. The XT-75 comes with all the standard features of our larger models, but with a ver­tical design for tight spaces. Cus­tomer-inspired and designed for small shops and DIY garages.

• 75,000 BTU’s heat up

to 1,700 sq. ft.

• Burns #1 and #2 fuel oil

(diesel), used crankcase oil (conventional or synthetic), and used ATF

  Small footprint; only 2111W X 26″L floor mounted footprint

• Onboard air compressor

• Metering pump

• Draft gauge

• Cleanable in-tank strainer

• Preassembled for easy installation

XT-200 Waste Oil Heater

The XT-200 Waste Oil Heater now burns 100% used synthetic oil along with other used fluids. It comes standard with an easy access hinged cham­ber door for easy clean out. It also features a large clean-out side ac­cess panel to the collector box. Some of the new improvements made to the XT models are: easy to remove burner, a non­continuous spark transformer, an hour meter, and a prime switch.

• Up to 200,000 BTU

• Heats up to 5,000 sq. ft.

XT300 Waste Oil Heater

The XT-300 Waste Oil Heater now burns 100% used synthetic oil along with other used fluids. It comes standard with an easy access hinged cham­ber door for easy clean out. It also features a large clean-out side ac­cess panel to the collector box.

• Heats up to 10,000 sq. ft.

• Up to 300,000 BTU

• Now Burns 100% Synthetic Oil,

along with other used fluids, and more!

• The largest in our new XT Series

See our full line of products including heaters, HVLS fans, and parts, visit us online at Call us toll free at 800-562-5504 for sales. Experience the Lanair difference!


Whole House Heating Solutions

Since 1980, DS, a family-owned business located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has made a sincere effort to offer the most competitive and highest quality products available — our intention shows in the products we manufacture.
Traditional craftsmanship defines each product — from coal furnaces to custom metal fabrication. With a goal of high efficiency and low maintenance, along with superior quality, DS products are built to last a lifetime.
Together, each of the four divisions — Stove Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, and Custom Production Fabrication — strives for excellence in everything we produce.

DS makes a sincere effort to have the most competitive and highest quality product available, and it shows in the products we manufacture.
Traditional craftsmanship defines each product we manufacture. Anthracite Stoves, Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Cookstoves, Canners, and Fire Company Gear Racks are just some of what we manufacture. With a goal of high efficiency and low maintenance, along with superior quality, DS products are built to last a lifetime.

Please Visit to learn more


35th Hawkeye Farm Show Set to Feature the Latest in Ag Products and Services

Hawkeye Farm Show March 1-2-3, 2022
9AM – 4PM UNI-Dome
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls, Iowa – The Hawkeye Farm Show is set to run March 1-2-3, 2022, with more than 200 exhibitors featuring over 1000 agricultural products and services. The 35th annual event is hosted on the
campus of the University of Northern Iowa in the UNI-Dome. The event is expected to bring thousands of area ag producers from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Admission and parking are free.
A key theme for the 2022 Show is technologies that increase production and also reduce waste and lower expenses. Advanced precision farming techniques will be featured, as well as products and
systems to manage and balance soil fertility. The latest GPS technology will be on display, along with the latest in equipment, tools, seed, chemicals, and management software. Seminars by ISU Extension, Free Coffee & Rolls, and Great Prizes In addition to exhibits, ISU Extension Service and Outreach will be providing in-person agricultural seminars each day at 11:00AM and 1:00PM in the Alumni Room. The seminars are free to attend and feature new topics each day, including Dr. Chad Hart’s Ag Market Outlook for 2022 and Beyond, presented on Wednesday at 1:00pm. The full seminar schedule is available at The website also features an interactive show floor plan, provided by Grinnell Mutual.

Free coffee and rolls will be provided until 10AM each day, sponsored by Farm Credit Services. Attendees can also register for a chance to win $1,000 in Showbucks, given away at 1:00PM each day.
Showbucks can be used as cash to purchase merchandise from farm show exhibitors.

“We are excited to be hosting the 35th Annual Hawkeye Farm Show. The show is a great opportunity to check out the latest in agricultural products and services from more than 200 exhibitors.” stated Show
Manager, Scott Guttormson. “And once again, we have a great line-up of in-person seminars from ISU Extension Service. With free admission and parking, free coffee and rolls, and opportunities to win, it’s a great reason to visit Cedar Falls,” he added.
The Hawkeye Farm Show runs March 1, 2 & 3, 2022 (Tue, Wed, Thu) at the UNI-Dome on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Admission and parking are free. Show hours are
9AM – 4PM each day. For additional information, go to or contact Scott
Gutttormson at (507) 437-7969.


The Hawkeye Farm Show is produced by Midwest Shows Inc., producer of six annual agricultural tradeshows hosted in Peoria, IL; Tulsa, OK; Vermillion, SD; Sioux Falls, SD; Cedar Falls, IA; and
Oklahoma City. For additional information on Midwest Shows events, visit
Daily Events Schedule
Tuesday, March 1
8:30-10am: Free coffee & rolls (Arena floor)
9am: Exhibits open
11:00am: ISU Extension & Outreach Seminar: The Farm and the Nursing Home: Plans, Powers and Financing.”
Melissa O’Rourke & Jeannette Mukayisire, Farm Management Specialists,
Alumni Room
1:00pm: $1,000 Showbucks drawing
1:00pm: ISU Extension & Outreach Seminar: Transition the Farm to the Next Generation
Kelvin Leibold, Farm Management Specialist, Alumni Room
4:00pm: Show closes
Wednesday, March 2
8:30-10am: Free coffee & rolls (Arena floor)
9am: Exhibits open
11:00am: ISU Extension & Outreach Seminar: Land Price Rental Rates

Wendong Zhang, Associate Professor of Economics, Alumni Room
1:00pm: $1,000 Showbucks Drawing
1:00pm: ISU Extension & Outreach Seminar: Ag Market Outlook for 2022 and
Dr. Chad Hart, Economist, Alumni Room
4:00pm: Show closes
Thursday, March 3
8:30-10am: Free coffee & rolls (Arena floor)
9am: Exhibits open
11:00am: ISU Extension & Outreach Seminar: Maximizing the Value of Manure Nutrients
Brian Dougherty, Field Agricultural Engineer, Alumni Room
1:00pm: $1,000 Showbucks Drawing
4:00pm: Show Closes



Wilger Industries Ltd. was founded in 1976 by Wilfred H. Wilger, the company’s President, to manufacture agricultural field sprayers. In 1985, Wilger designed and began manufacturing a multi-spray head turret, followed shortly by the
Radialock cap and the COMBO-JET all-in-one Tip-Cap with snap-in strainer. In the following years Wilger has developed several other industry leading products which are utilized by major sprayer manufacturers worldwide. Our commitment is to develop and manufacture better engineered, innovative, sprayer components that make spray application safer, easier and more effective.
Wilger has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Saskatoon, SK, Canada and Lexington, TN, USA.

Wilger Industries Ltd.
Site 412, Box 280, RR #4
71 St. & Highway 16 W
Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7K 3J7
Phone:(306) 242-4121
Fax:(306) 242-4122

Wilger Inc.
255 Seahorse Drive
Lexington, TN, USA

Phone:(877) 968-7695
(731) 968-7695
Fax:(877) 968-7613
(731) 968-7613

Wilger Argentina
Mitro 697
San Nicolas (2900)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone:+54 9 336 4596710